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Omikron Boats is a company offering luxury motor boat rental in Samos, aiming at giving visitors the greatest experience of Samos and neighbouring islands, through exclusive transfer and cruises services. Join us to go on thrilling sea safaris, boat excursions and seascape experiences that reveal the incredible natural beauty of this part of the Aegean. Your luxury boat rental in Samos island can now become the experience of a lifetime. If you have a special occasion or want to make something special out of any occasion, experiencing any of the following while aboard is bound to leave a precious imprint in your heart for years to come.

Wedding proposal – Can you think of anything more romantic than popping the question while watching a majestic sunset at sea? What a deeply moving wedding proposal with the most enchanting backdrop imaginable to immortalize a moment of sheer bliss with your loved one. Let us create the perfect sunset setting for you to take the stage and sweep your other half off their feet! 

Romantic Tour – Ideal for a couples experience that will leave lasting impressions, our romantic tour takes just the two of you on the perfect ride along the waves to secluded spots of disarming natural beauty. Get lost in eachother and the sacred space you share between you as you are surrounded by seascapes that take your breath away. 

Anniversaries – The perfect way to celebrate another circle around the sun together, make this anniversary an experience to remember with luxury treatment aboard our vessels. With your guidance, we can arrange catering, flower arrangements and music on board, thus creating an ideal setting that matches your preferences precisely, in which to make new memories together. 

Sunset experience – There is nothing more enchanting, almost seductive, than a sunset at sea. The sun takes a plunge into the horizon, leaving a divinely painted, colourful canvas behind it. The sky is strewn with deep hues of orange, purple and pink, that play with the clouds while no two sunsets are ever the same. An unmissable experience to observe on one of our boat rides. 

Insta-cruise with a photographer – We know that moments you love are worth sharing. We also know that it can often be challenging for your partner or friends to take that totally instagrammable shot. There is so much to consider while deciding on the ideal frame, so we have taken the liberty of bringing along a professional photographer who guarantees that your experience will be picture perfect.

Snorkeling experience – Take advantage of the inviting, crystalline waters and take your time discovering the underwater wonders as you snorkel along the sea’s smooth surface. Snorkeling is one of the the most pleasant things that combines a leisurely activity that is exciting too, all the while exploring a handful of places around the island. 

Transfers – Transfers – Seeking an exclusive transfer service that gets you from one coastal location to another? Our luxury motor boat rental in Samos is also suitable for private VIP boat transfers in Samos and the nearby islands, making sure you arrive where you want in the shortest time possible, in comfort and above all in style.



While on board Omikron boats, we provide you with comforts that will make your experience even more enjoyable.

By default, we provide:
  • Bottled water, refreshments and soft drinks.
  • Sea goggles and flippers for snorkeling and towels.
  • Safety equipment such as life jackets.
Upon request, we provide:
  • Wine, beer and other beverages.
  • Snacks and light meals.
  • Digital photos of your experience.